Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Cihan University-Erbil is a membership organization (under the auspices of the Directorate for Professional Development) whose programs promote a lifelong commitment to the university. The alumni association has four purposes:

  • It creates and maintains meaningful connections between alumni, students, faculty, and staff through its many intellectual, cultural, and social media events.
  • Provides a network for alumni to benefit from professional development and / or career advancement.
  • Support current students with scholarships, tutorials, and networking opportunities.
  • Provide students with the means to serve the campus, its faculties, schools and departments, and its students, and to lead the campus into the future.

According to the Alumni Association’s Constitution, the purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of Cihan University-Erbil and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Cihan University-Erbil and its alumni. The Alumni Association connects alumni with the University and fellow graduates through a variety of academic activities, continuing education programs, online services, and other resources.

The Alumni Association’s mission is to connect alumni to the University and to one another, to provide members with valuable services, and to support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.
The Alumni Association’s commitment to recognize outstanding alumni and alumni volunteers through its award program exemplifies the mission.


Alumni Board

The Cihan University-Erbil Alumni Association is led by a board of seven alumni.The board is assisting in providing the energy and creative ideas needed to engage more people in an active Alumni Association.
If you are interested in joining the board, please email [email protected]