Alumni Report 2010-2020

  ID Department Total 1 Physical Education and Sport Sciences 16 2 Civil Engineering 76 3 Interior Design 76 4 Translation 110 5 Media 136 6 Communication and Computer Engineering 255 7 Architectural Engineering 416 8 Health Administration 549 9 Biology 566 10 International Relations and Diplomacy 784 11 Financial and Banking Sciences 839 12 English 858 13 Computer Science …

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Report July 2019

First Report / July 2019 This report serves the purpose of indicating the information and analysis about the statistics in regards to the Alumni of Cihan University – Erbil which relies on the latest information from the statistics department of the Alumni association. This Bar chart summarizes the number of alumni members which is 746. Most of which are graduates …

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First meeting of the Alumni Association of Cihan University -Erbil

The President of the Cihan University -Erbil , Dr. Amjad Saber Al-Dalawi, held the first meeting with the Members of the Provisional Constituent Assembly of alumni, In the presence of each of Dr. Abdul Sattar Karim Saeed, President’s Assistant for Students Affairs, and  Dr. Maysoun Taher Shahbaz Haidari, President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs, on Sunday, 6/5/2019, in the (VIP) hall, …

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