Alumni Association board conisit of a group of  alumni, The board is helping provide the energy and creative ideas required to involve more individuals in an active Alumni Association. Current members of the Temporary Alumni Association Board include:
  1. Shaubo Saad Aziz – Law (Head of Association)
  2. Aras Dlshad Hussein – Business Administration (Vice-Head)
  3. Rozheen Hoshyar Jawad – Law (Member)
  4. Khowanas Saeed Qader – Accounting (Member)
  5. Eman Sabah Mustafa – Computer Science (Member)
  6. Noor Suhail Ali – Accounting (Member)
  7. Khanda Sarkawt Othman – Business Administration (Member)
  8. Mohammad Sardar Abdulla – Business Administration (Member)
  9. Treska Dhyaa Aldeen Kamil – Biology (Member)
  10. Mohaned Abood Mohammad – English (Member)
  11. Sarhad Hamad Mawlood – Architectural Engineering (Member)
  12. Aws Nabeel Hamdi – Biology (Member)
  13. Rebin Kareem Mohammed – Architectural Engineering (Member)
  14. Mustafa Dhannoon Younus – Biology (Member)
  15. Avan Najmadeen Bahadeen – Banking and Financial Science (Member)
  16. Alan Adeeb Kareem – Communication and Computer Engineerin (Member)
  17. Shahed Azad Abdulkhaliq – Biology (Member)
  18. Zainab Tahsin Ali – Computer Science (Member)
  19. Shna Shahab Taher – Law (Member)
  20. Mahnaz Dlshad Rafeeq – English (Member)
  21. Sanarbag Abdulkareem Abdulrahman – Communication (Member)
  22. Pala Mudhafar Abdulwahid – Banking (Member)
  23. Nzar Hayas Abbas – Accounting (Member)
  24. Abdulrahman Mawlood Mustafa – Accounting (Member)
  25. Omar Zubair Dhahr – Law (Member)
Plan now to join the board in their efforts to build a strong Alumni Association of individuals who are engaged and proud of their education and Alumni Association!
The Cihan University-Erbil Board of Directors holds three slated meetings each year in the University. At these meetings, in addition to the transaction of the business of the Association, the Directors are informed about University programs, facilities, and concerns. They participate in discussions with students, administrators, and faculty members. Informed Directors can thus provide knowledgeable leadership in interpreting university to alumni and others.