Greatness is won, not awarded.

Greatness is won, not awarded.

Name : Omer Abdullah Ismael
Graduation:Department of Business Administration
Graduation Year : 2015
Current Company: Hoistec Company For Machinery

have self confidence personality, always think in positive and energitic way, any kind of task i want to do fisrt i see the target or the result that this task need to reach after this set a plan and then do whats neccessary to make this task succeful, ofcourse there is no any human with out mistakes, but the most importatnt thing how to deal and act with mistakes and find sloution as fast as possibile.

After graduation after only one month i start work in JLR – Sardar Gruop as sales excutive, but after 40 days i left this job becuase its not match my need. After three month i start work with hoistec comopany for machinery, transportation and oil and gas as a sales representative after eight month i been marketing and sales manager and becuase of my good working attitude in 2017 February i been a general manager for hoistec company, till now iam working over their and there is a big possibilitu to get some share of this company and be a share holder.

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